The Therapy Process

If you are considering therapy as an individual, with your partner or a family member, you have already made the first and most important step.

Once you have made contact with me you will know that you are not alone with your problems. At your initial appointment I will take details of you general health and invite you to tell me what has brought you to therapy. This is an opportunity for you to fill me in with the details of your problems as you see them today. Do not feel you have to rehearse this or bring notes. I am interested in you (both of you if you come with your partner) and I will give you time to explain exactly how life has been for you. At the end of the 60 minute session I will give you my feedback on how I can help you and how we might move forward.

You will be offered a weekly slot at the same time each week.  A commitment to these times is vital for the success of your therapy so it is important that we find a time when you are free to attend.  There is no time limit to your therapy and there is no minimum number of sessions.  Your situation is unique and as everyone reacts differently to the therapy process it is impossible to say how long we will need to work together. My approach is collaborative so we will have regular reviews of the process to check that we are both happy with the progress.

Commitment to the process will contribute to its success. Similarly endings and goodbyes are often challenging but are part of the process. When I feel that the need for therapy is coming to an end, or you decide you do not need to come anymore,  we will meet for a further 2 sessions to ensure a good, supported ending to our work thus leaving the door open for you to come back if and when you need to.  Having said this most of my clients feel that the work we do together has been life changing and enhancing and do not feel the need to return.

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